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SUPER BAG FOR HOMOGENIZER BLENDER– sterile bags made in polyamide and

SUPER BAG FOR HOMOGENIZER BLENDER – sterile bags made in polyamide and polyethylene (PA/PE) – size 190x320 mm – 10x100x box – 1.000 in total

  • a sterile bag designed for different applications, like sample blending, straining and storage in the microbiological laboratory
  • used to homogenize and analyze any solid sample, particularly indicated for food, environmental, medical or veterinary samples
  • irradiation certificate included. Any box is marked with a red sticker which guarantees the irradiation treatment
  • compatible with any microbial laboratory blenders
  • a pre-cut dotted line where to open the bag. The bag must be fold back three times to guarantee a hermetic closure
  • a removal adhesive strip allows to open/close the bag and it guarantees a safe transport
  • made in polyamide and polyethylene (PA/PE). The polyethylene at 70% reinforces the bag to avoid cracks. The welding prevents mechanical stress during homogenization
  • irradiation certificate included
  • a special round shape at the bottom of the bag minimizes the fragments of the samples remain in the corner of the bag during blending
  • on the bag there is a designated space where to write with a marker the amount of diluent used according to the weight of the sample
“SFB” SIDE FILTER BAG – sterile bags to

“SFB” SIDE FILTER BAG to use with blender

Sterile bags made in polyamide and polyethylene (PA/PE) – size 190x300 mm (400 ml) – 500xbox

  • A sterile bag with a no-woven lateral filter. Liquids are separated from solid particles for easy pipetting with no residues or particles on the Petri plate. The reading of colonies is facilitated and the results are more accurate.

  • Made in polyamide and polyethylene (PA/PE). The polyethylene at 70% reinforces the bag to avoid cracks.

  • Filtration is done during blending so that no waiting time for sedimentation of the debris to Pipette.

  • No contact between the sample and the mixer during homogenization in order to avoid cross contamination.

  • Compatible with any microbial laboratory blenders.
  • Irradiation certificate included.
  • These bags are used in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, veterinary, environmental and public research institutes.
  • Not to be used at temperatures above 80°C and not be frozen at low temperatures.




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