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Poly Stainer

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Automated slide staining is a must for labs that wish to increase their yield. The PolyStainer performs standardized staining procedures that free lab staff from labor-intensive staining procedures. General microbiology and histology labs that seek to reduce sample staining workloads will greatly benefit from its use.

Up to 20 microscope slides are loaded in the PolyStainer basket. Next, the robotic arm dips and stirs these through four exchangeable plastic wells. Slides can be dipped in a fifth drainable water well that ensures the water will be renewed after rinsing each slide basket. Last, slides can be fan dried with or without heat. The four reagent wells in the system enable performing an extremely broad array of stains.

System Highlights:

Walkaway Solution: A one push button operation triggers the entire staining procedure.

Unique Design: The PolyStainer was uniquely designed to separate its staining area from the system’s electronics and mechanics, this ensures durability due to separation from highly oxidative reagents.

Staining Protocol Optimization: Ensures no cross-contamination by using the PolyStainer’s rinse well drain to keep rinse water clean. Accelerates stain preparation by drying out slides.

Technical specifications:

Slides / Basket 20 slides in each basket
Basket Lifting Motor 2.6W 12V /c 141:1 /encoder
Carriage Movement Motor 1.65W 12V / 28:1 / encoder
Heater 12°C–15°C higher than room temperature
Heater Air Pressure 80 Pa
Air Volume 30 m3/h
Water Control Electro valve 4W 24V IP65
Water Flow Program Permanent/Auto-initiated at previous bath
Water Pressure 2 bar / 6 bar (instrument supplied with three different manifolds)
Optional Output RS232
Dimensions (W×H×D) 70×40×34
Weight 23 kg
Reagent Containers Polyethylene
Basket Holder Stainless Steel AISI 304
Basket Stainless Steel AISI 304
Additional connections for peripherals 2 × USB Host ports
Program Memory 10 programs – 10 steps per program

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