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Sterile Mop Wipes

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DOTCH® Skar Mop, viscose/polyester, 332g/m², double bagged, sterile
DOTCH® Skar Mop, viscose/polyester, 332g/m², white, 40x11,5cm, double bagged, 10 pcs/double bag, 5 double bags/box, sterile

Double packed. 5 x 10 pcs per box (totally 50 pcs)



    • 100% viscose mop for single use
    • Suitable for use with the SKARclean system
    • The mop has to be impregnated with a cleaner or disinfectant by utilising the unique dosage system of the SKARclean system
    • Ideally suited for cleaning and disinfection of walls, floors and ceilings



  • Good moisture and dirt removal
  • Good moisture release for an optimal contact time
  • Disposable mop - less risk on cross contamination
  • Ergonomic - wringer not necessary
  • Per 10 pieces double packed


Disp. string mop 100% Viscose, white, 30 layers, 2x packed, sterile

DOTCH® Floor Mop, viscose/polyester, 62g/m², white, 60x40cm, double bagged, 1 pc/double bag, 20 double bags/box, sterile

Color: White
Amount: Individually packed in double PE, PE 20 packs per box


    • Viscose mop
    • 30 layers
    • Suitable for floors
    • Suitable for cleaning and disinfection of floors



  • Good absorption of liquid and moist
  • Good moisture issue for optimal contact time
  • Disposable mop - reduced risk of cross contamination


Puru Highsorb ICT mophead 100% polyester, white,use in LAF, sterile
DOTCH® Puru® Highsorb Isolator Cleaning Tools Mop, polyester, 260g/m², white, 14x4cm, double bagged, 1 pc/inner bag, 25 inner bags/outer bag, 4 outer bags/box, sterile

For use in LAF kabinet, sterile. 4 x 25 pcs per box (totally 100 pcs).
    • 100% polyester mop, triangular
    • To be used with the Isolator Cleaning Tool
    • Extremely absorbent
    • Compatible with IPA, acetone and other solvents
    • Pinsonic design provides extra texture to the surface, making it easier to clean persistent contaminants
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Developed for contamination control in highly critical environments such as LAF-cabinets, Isolators and RABS



  • High abrasion resistance
  • Super absorbent
  • Compatible with IPA, acetone and other solvents
  • Laundered and packed in cleanroom ISO class 5
  • Individually packed and double bagged per 25 pieces


Puru Highsorb cleanroom mopwipe 100% polyester white 30x60 cm sterile
Sterile. For use in A/B cleanrooms. 25 pcs/double bag, 8 double bags/box.
    • 100% polyester, 2-layer cleanroom wipe
    • High absorption capacity for liquids
    • Low in particles and fibres
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Compatible with chemicals as IPA, acetone and other solvents
    • High performance for cleaning and retention of glass particles and debris
    • Ideally suited for spill control



  • 100% polyester
  • Very high absorption
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Very low release of particles and fibres
  • Can be used In case of calamity for the retention of glass debris


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