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STAXS Shoe covers/Sterile

STAXS have developed shoecovers with a non-slip sole. In the first place these shoecovers are a lot stronger than the standard shoecovers and thanks to the non-slip material they offer even more protection. The risk of slipping does not exist anymore. You will find several kinds of boots in our selection which offers a better fit to your cleanroom coverall. All shoecovers and boots are manufactured under clean circumstances and will help to keep your production departments clean.
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Boot Tyvek® polyethylene sole Tyvek, white, elastic border, sterile

Tyvek® sterila skoskydd från Staxs




Double bagged, 2 pcs/double bag, 50 double bags/box, sterile.



  • Tyvek® boot with polyethylene sol
  • Extra grip because of a PE-sole of 50 micron
  • Generous fitting size for easy donning, also for big sizes
  • Elastic is free of latex
  • Featuring tie tape top for an optimal fit


  • Extra grip
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Good fitting
  • Free of latex
  • Double packed per pair in HDPE with easy tear notch

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