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KlerReveal enables you to demonstrate immediately to an operator that there is a problem with a particular disinfection technique. Artificial “contamination” is instantly clearly visible under the UV light as coloured luminescence contrasting against the UV light.
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KlerReveal Operator Training Kit (EU version)

Visually impactful method of showing how easily contamination is spread instant results enabling efficient training. May reduce the risk of costly errors in production.

Supplied with:

  • UV LED light box
  • KlerReveal™ hand held 4W UV torch
  • KlerReveal™ UV glow power and brush
  • KlerReveal™ UV glow hand cream
KlerReveal Hand Held 4W UV Torch
Hand held torch to cast UV light and reveal contamination. KlerReveal Hand Held 4 W UV Torch requires AA batteries.
Note: the KlerReveal cannot be used to detect real contamination. The Klercide UV Validation Torch is suitable for detecting real contamination.

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