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AM Fogging System

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MyFog - ultrasonic fog generator

The ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 International Standard states that the airflows in all classified environments of any ISO class, should be visually verified every 24 months.

Among the suggested methods is the generation of tracers that will clearly visualise speed and direction of the airflows. The test is carried out in the areas of interest by taking pictures of the airflows made visible by the fog during “at rest” conditions (with no personnel present and no production equipment in use).

The purpose of this test is to verify and certify that the airflow devised and installed to protect the critical areas is working efficiently.

- visualisation of airflow directions in:
- classified environments
- laminar flow areas (ie: liquids filling machines)
- weighing stations (ie: powder weighing and sampling areas)
- laminar flow cabinets
- balancing pressures between rooms (visual indication)
- identification of air stagnation pockets
- personnel training

- works with WFI only
- no gas supply
- no consumable parts
- compact design
- dedicated and innovative firmware
- remote control, including start-stop, mist speed and intensity adjustment
- CE mark
- castors available (optional)
- sturdy carrying case with castors

Accessories included:
- remote control
- AM1120 flexible PVC tubing: diameter mm 80 and length m 3,3
- AM1121 carrying case with castors

Flexible tubing for MyFog, diam. 80 mm - 3,3 m

Flexibletubing for MyFog

• material: PVC
• length: 3,3 m (10 ft)
• diameter: Ø 80 mm ( Ø 3,15 in)

Carrying case with castors

Carrying case with castors and extensible handle.

Multi-hole rigid tubing for MyFog, length 1.200 mm, separable into two

Accessory for MyFog that allows a constant distribution of the mist generated by the generator for the whole length of the tube, mm 1200. Specially designed nozzles ensure uniformity for both the output speed of the fog and for the quantity dispensed. The tubing can be divided into two segments for easy transportation.

Stand with castors for MyFog

Stand for MyFog with castors.

Tripod with support for flexible PVC tubing

Tripod with support for flexible PVC tubing.

Flexible tubing for MyFog, diam. 40 mm - 3 m

Flexible tubing for MyFog generator:
• PVC material
• length: 3 m
• diameter: Ø 41 mm

Extension for multi-hole rigid tubing, length 600 mm

Extension for multi-hole rigid tubing, length 600 mm

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