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Om Miclev

Miclev är ett Malmöföretag som förser den nordiska marknaden med diagnostikprodukter, kemikalier och förbrukningsvaror för alla som arbetar med Life Science. Vårt fokus är hög produktkvalitet och kundservice i kombination med produktexpertis.

Miclev grundades 1996 av Fredrik Alexandersson för att kunna erbjuda specialiserade produkter för Life Science industrin. Miclev har sedan dess haft en konstant tillväxt och vi strävar ständigt efter att öka utbudet av högkvalitativa produkter, anpassat efter våra kunders behov. Vår idé är att kunna leverera ett heltäckande produktsortiment för en komplett mikrobiologisk arbetsprocess: att Upptäcka, Identifiera och Eliminera mikroorganismer. Bara en kontakt så har du allt du behöver!

Miclev har kreditvärdighet AAA.


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Zherox® B-pack: The New Portable Biodecontamination System
20 November 2020

Zherox b-pack is AM Instruments new biodecontamination system for environments and surfaces against viruses and bacteria. Zherox HPE innovative technology is applied to a lightweight and portable system, which allows easy and safe use for the operator and a validated efficacy even in the most critical and difficult to reach places.

The fast, effective and safe system for environmental biodecontamination is guaranteed by pharmaceutical quality: AM Instruments guarantees the achievement of microbial killing up to Log 6 even in the most critical and difficult places to reach. Thanks to its high compatibility, Zherox technology is suitable for any material (glass, PVC, laminates, sentitive electronics and metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, etc.). It is odorless and does not require cleaning at the end of the process.

The Coronavirus emergency has imposed companies new rules and instructions to prevent any risk of contagion and to ensure employees work in a safe and protected environment. In order to do this AM Instrument recommends programming interventions which aim at the complete disinfection of environments and surfaces, thus guaranteeing safety of working spaces.

FDA Recommendations | Zherox® b-pack

Zherox® b-pack video


Surgical Non Sterile Masks Now Available
19 November 2020

Non-sterile mask with ear-loop, made of 3 filter layers. The three layers are structured for the specific function they are intended for: resistant to splashes of liquid, protective, filtering, resistant, good breathability. Ideal for all applications in hazardous areas and in the laboratory.


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Sterile Multi-Packed Syringes
12 November 2020

A comprehensive range of sterile multi-packed syringes from Micronclean is now available. 100% quality checked and packed in their Class6 MicronDevices cleanroom in Skegness, UK.


    Supplied in transparent, easy-tear, quad laminate pouches: VHP and alcohol impermeable and suitable for most transfer processes. All syringes are supplied with a ‘tip protector’ for protection during storage and transit.
    Manufactured according to BS EN ISO 13485:2003/12 which covers every aspect of sourcing, manufacturing, sterilisation and distribution of the sterile pack range. Detailed technical files are available.
    Full batch traceability and product certification. Sterilisation by validated gamma irradiation process and supplied with a consolidated certificate of conformity. Double bagged to ensure an easy and rapid transfer cycle.
    We are happy to discuss any requirements you may have for custom made packs which incorporate other sterile ancillaries.


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