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Take control over your in-house strains

Test-ready microbial controls made with your environmental isolates and objectionable organisms: Microbiologics® simplifies environmental isolate and objectionable organism challenge testing with custom ready-to-use controls made to your specifications.

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May 10: Ecolab Webinar - Delivering a Contamination Control Strategy
05 MAY 2022

The second in Ecolab's CCS series, please join Ecolab Global Technical Consultant Juliana Nassette for this complimentary webinar focusing on delivering your CCS for Cleaning, Disinfection and Decontamination. When? Tuesday 10th May 2022 at 10:00 - 11:00 AM CEST.

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New Product Range: Cleanroom Gloves Accelerator-Free Nitrile
20 April 2022

PUREZERO* Cleanroom Gloves in accelerator-free nitrile are designed to protect workers as well as the products and processes.

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April 12: Webinar Ecolab Contamination Control Strategy
08 April 2022

Please join Ecolab's Senior Strategic Technical Consultant Helen Gates, as she kicks off the CCS webinar series with a complimentary webinar on CCS: Introduction to Contamination Control Strategy for Cleaning, Disinfection and Decontamination.

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Sterile BD Syringes in Convenient Multi-Packs
04 April 2022

Miclev offers a comprehensive range of sterile multi-packed BD syringes.

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Much Appreciated In-House Training at Xintela
29 March 2022

In mid-March, Tor Hjelmér and Marie-Louise Måtegen from Miclev held the tailor-made internal training "Microbiological environmental sampling in cleanrooms" at Xintela in Lund. The training was much appreciated - here are some of the participants' reviews:

"I thought the whole setup was good. The entire environmental sampling, from which plate to use to sampling points, incubation times, reading and trends."

"I like that they refer to Annex 1."

“The course was well-structured and easy to understand. We got answers to our questions and more. The right level for our business."

"Information-rich course. Good content at a basic level but also good for us with a little more experience."

Contact Miclev if you want us to tailor an education to your company's needs.

Cleanroom Clothing for Vaccine Manufacturing
15 March 2022

Protecting processes, products and operators with cleanroom clothing: Most vaccine manufacturing processes depend on quality control at every step. Failures can not only be costly and dangerous, they may also compromise compliance. Cleanroom garments are necessary to protect both processes and products from contamination, while also protecting operators from the hazardous substances involved in manufacturing.

Find out how Tyvek® and Tyvek® IsoClean® coveralls and accessories can be beneficial in ensuring clean vaccine manufacture:

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Products for Aseptic Production
04 March 2022

Working aseptically can be challenging and you may need products that are packed to withstand the VHP gassing used for decontamination in the isolator. Most certain you also need to control the environment by airsampling and/or particle counting and use products that are special designed for these processes.

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New Catalog: "Microbial Environmental Monitoring 2022"
14 February 2022

Have a look at the wide range of TRIO.BAS active air samplers from ORUM.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Miclev!
15 December 2021

We at Miclev are happy to have a small part in making the world a better place by supporting Hand in Hand with our annual Christmas donation.

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Microbiologics SARS-CoV-2 Controls
15 November 2021

Microbiologics has been working since the outbreak to develop solutions to address the challenges of the coronavirus. Given the changing landscape of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics, we want to make sure you have the right quality control products for your instruments, assays, and procedures.

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Meet us at Tema Renrum
12 November 2021

Listen to live-streamed presentations, talk to us live in the virtual exhibition and network with other participants! Online 23-24 November, 2021.

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Sterilisation Monitoring Products - New Collaboration with Excelsior
03 September 2021

Miclev is pleased to announce that we have entered a partnership with Excelsior Scientific who is a manufacturer of biological and chemical indicators of very high quality.

With this, our range of indicators will be further broadened in order to be able to fully cover the market's needs for all types of sterilization indicators.

Excelsior Scientific is known for their consistent, reliable performance and their sterilisation monitoring products are used by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, contract sterilisers, and other related industries globally.

Our Sterilization Monitoring Indicator Product Lines:

Excelsior Dry Heat
Excelsior Ethylene Oxide
Excelsior Hydrogen Peroxide
Excelsior Formaldehyde
Excelsior Radiation
Excelsior Steam
Excelsior Incubators
Excelsior Prepared Culture Media
Excelsior QC Test Suspensions

Please contact Miclev if you need more information!

We welcome our new colleague Karolina Danestig!
01 September 2021

Karolina is a trained molecular biologist and has previously worked at Innovagen in Lund.

We welcome Karolina and wish her good luck as a product specialist at Miclev!

PREVIEW - Delta SARS-CoV-2 Variant Now Available for Research
12 August 2021

IVD controls for prominent SARS-CoV-2 variants from Microbiologics® are coming soon. These variant controls will join the most extensive portfolio of SARS-CoV-2 QC solutions.

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Miclev Newsletter June 2021
24 June 2021

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A Global Disinfectant Standard for Cleanrooms: A Harmonised Approach
10 May 2021

In order to develop an international standard suitable for all pharmaceutical facility cleanrooms, Ecolab has developed the Validex™ method. This method involves using 2 cm diameter disks, to target a 3 log reduction for vegetative bacteria in 5 minutes; and a 2 log reduction for fungi and bacterial spores in 10 minutes. The key criteria and rationale for selection, along with the methodology, are presented in this paper.

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Webinar by Ecolab: The Anatomy of a Contamination Control Strategy
21 April 2021

A contamination control strategy is a system that considers all the integral elements of pharmaceutical product manufacturing. This is best achieved using quality risk management principles and supporting risk assessments for contamination control and monitoring (the detectability of contamination event).

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Webinar by Ecolab: Transfer Disinfection
23 February 2021

Tuesday 2nd March at 12:00 CET, presented by David Collins.

Material transfer is a critical part of a robust contamination control strategy. Traditionally, alcohols have been used for this purpose, however, regulatory bodies have moved towards incorporating a sporicidal agent into the material transfer process. Join Ecolab’s complimentary webinar where they will review the regulatory expectations, consideration for selecting a sporicidal agent, and new innovation in material transfer.


Webinar: Hur förenklar vi arbetet med kontrollstammar?
22 February 2021

The effectiveness of hands-on learning + the convenience of digital meetings.

We're excited to invite you to our upcoming series of Training in a Box digital learning events for Microbiologics controls and QC best practices!

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Free Webinar: Best Practice Application Techniques
09 February 2021

Tuesday, 16th February, 12:00 CET

Appropriate training for personnel dealing with cleaning and disinfection activities is vital. Training programs should include the correct application techniques for cleaning and disinfection, so join Ecolab Life Sciences for a complimentary webinar where they will review how to apply cleaning agents and disinfectants correctly. This webinar will be presented by Matt Cokely, Senior Global Technical Consultant Manager, Ecolab Life Sciences.

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Miclev Newsletter January 2021
29 January 2021

Read the latest news from Miclev!


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Free Webinar: Qualification of a Disinfectant Supplier
28 January 2021

Tuesday, 2nd February, 10 AM CET

The products have been assessed and appear to meet all the required needs on site, but does the manufacturer? Join Ecolab Life Sciences for a complimentary webinar where we will examine the factors to consider before selecting a disinfectant supplier.

Speaker: David Collins, Global Technical Consultant at Ecolab


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Trade up Campaign: TRIO.BAS Active Airsamplers
14 January 2021

Are you using an old generation of microbial airsamplers? If yes, you might be interested in learning more about our “Trade up campaign”: In exchange for your old airsampler you get 20% discount when you buy a new TRIO.BAS (25% discount when you replace two or more units).

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