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Cleaning and Disinfectants

The Klercide™ range of biocides and disinfectants are the perfect choice for controlling the microbial contamination most likely to occur in cleanroom environments. The products in the range provide the efficiency required for cleanroom environments and are compatible with cleanroom surfaces as well as products for alternating cleaning and residue removal.

Miclev has a comprehensive range of Klercide disinfectants. Miclev offers sterile and filtered disinfectants such as alcohols and biocides and neutral detergents from Ecolab's Klercide range. Ecolab has a very long experience of producing Klercide disinfectants for customers who have very high demands on quality and support and the range of disinfectants is comprehensive with complete cleaning and disinfection solutions, including bactericidal disinfectants and sporicidal disinfectants, which are adapted for cleanrooms and other critical environments where disinfection is a critical part of the business. Ecolab manufactures innovative Klercide disinfectants that are designed for cleanrooms and comply with all global regulations, enabling you to promote both sustained compliance and ongoing operational efficiency.

Klercide disinfectants in various formats

Klercide disinfectants are made from well-known components and are known to be compatible with most materials. They are also low-foaming or non-foaming and they are easy to wipe off after the contact time, so that you avoid the build-up of disinfectant residues in your cleanroom. Klercide disinfectants have a short duration of action and are safe for operators to use in a daily routine. They are available in sterile formats to suit Cleanroom Class A and B and meet all the requirements for a disinfectant that must be able to remove, inactivate or destroy the vegetative flora of microorganisms in a cleanroom to an acceptable level. Klercide disinfectants have undergone all the validations and registrations required in the industry and in each country and they come with extensive technical documentation. Klercide disinfectants are offered in many different formats, for example 1 l bottles, 5 l canisters, 500 ml bottles, impregnated wipes and impregnated mops.

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