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Prepared Media Plates

Agar plates are petri dishes that contain a growth medium containing solidified agar. These are used to grow microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeast and mold. The agar plates help you control the environment and identify microorganisms. Miclev has a wide range of high quality agar plates in various formats from accredited and certified suppliers such as Becton Dickinson and Biotrading. These agar plates are used in laboratories, cleanrooms and other critical environments where high quality is required. The products are routinely tested by the manufacturer for sterility, performance, physical properties, packaging and documentation. Certificates are available, these are supplied with each batch.

Agar plates in different formats

Miclev's product line includes both radiation-sterilized and non-radiation-sterilized agar plates. Agar plates are available for air and surface sampling, as well as for sterility testing and for identification. The agar plates that Miclev offers are also available in several sizes and formats, for example 14 cm, 9 cm, 5 cm and Rodac plates. They are available with different lids such as lockable plates with click-lid function, they are packed in single, double or triple packaging. Extensive quality control of sterility and bacterial growth is always carried out by the manufacturers, each batch of agar plates is tested according to international standards or according to the customer's specifications. Agar plates with extended shelf life (so-called XT plates) are suitable for environmental monitoring. These have a long shelf life, up to 6 months when stored at room temperature (15 - 25° C). This gives you a high level of flexibility and enables you to make better use of your resources. In addition, with this long shelf life, you can maximize the sizes of the batches. In this way, the number of QC tests is reduced, while you save shipping costs. The plates with extended shelf life are available as radiation sterilized, they are delivered single, double or triple packed.

Customized plates can be made to order in both small and large batches. Feel free to contact us if you need a specific agar plate, together with our suppliers we can meet your specific needs for customized products.

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