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Microbial Air Samplers

Air samplers are used to detect the presence of microbiological activity in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. Miclev offers different types of microbiological air samplers, developed for different needs. Our air samplers are used, among other things, for monitoring microorganisms in aseptic production, monitoring of insulators, gas monitoring and monitoring of cleanrooms.

TRIO.BAS Air Samplers

Orum International Srl is an Italian company, where the owners since the 1970s have been leaders in the development of air samplers for the detection of microbial contamination in the ambient air. TRIO.BAS is available in several models with one to three heads to cover different needs when it comes to air sampling: MONO, DUO, TRIO, MINI, AIRBIO ONE, AIRBIO DUO, ISOLATOR and accessories, GAS SYSTEM, for microbial sampling of pressurized gases.
- TRIO.BAS MONO: Air sampler with one head intended for customers who need more parameters, such as the use of Bluetooth barcode scanners, cascade passwords.
- TRIO.BAS DUO: Two heads for users who want to save time and perform many tests per day.
- TRIO.BAS TRIO: Three heads for users who want to save time and perform a very large number of tests per day.
- TRIO.BAS MINI: A basic air sampler with one head for customers who have a limited budget or have very few tests per week and do not need data transfer, all data is registered manually.
- TRIO.BAS AIRBIO ONE: A stationary and portable airsampler with one head.
- TRIO.BAS AIRBIO DUO: Two heads for users who want to save time and perform a large number of tests per day.
- TRIO.BAS ISOLATOR: One to three satellite heads for customers who perform a large number of checks in insulators according to the quality standards, for example for sterile filling in insulators.
- TRIO.GAS SYSTEM: Accessories for microbial sampling of pressurized gases in sterile or aseptic manufacturing plants.

Veltek SMA Air Samplers

Veltek SMA air samplers are designed to test a quantifiable amount of air using sterilizable microbial atria (SMA®) and a standard media plate. The media plate is then incubated and tested to determine the number of viable organisms per cubic foot or liter of air.

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