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Cleanroom Garments and Gloves

The absolute biggest source of contamination in cleanrooms is humans. Even when you sit completely still, you continuously spread around dead skin, hair, microbes and other contaminants. Therefore, it is necessary for cleanroom personnel to wear specially designed cleanroom garments that fulfills two functions: on one hand, to prevent natural human contaminants from infecting the environment, and on the other hand, to protect the wearer from hazardous substances. The specific characteristics of the garments to be worn in a cleanroom depend on the requirements of the environment in question. Cleanroom garments and cleanroom gloves are a safe alternative where sterility and cleanliness are always guaranteed and are recommended in sterile and aseptic production. Today's modern cleanroom garments are made of Tyvek®, a material that breathes, which makes them comfortable to wear and guarantees both product and operator protection. When you use garments made from Tyvek®, you get an ideal balance between protection, durability, comfort and contamination control. The biggest advantage Tyvek® fabric offers for cleanrooms and controlled environments is to keep human contamination inside the garment and not allow it to contaminate the cleanroom and production. The cleanroom garments must be used properly in order to take advantages from its benefits and to ensure that it does not become contaminated.

Large assortment of cleanroom garments and cleanroom gloves

Cleanroom garments and cleanroom gloves are easy to stock and the delivery reliability is therefore high. Some types of cleanroom garments are designed to cover the entire body, while others are designed to cover specific areas, depending on the facility's needs. Miclev's range includes suits, coveralls, coats, hoods, gloves, shoes, arm protection, goggles, shoe covers, beard protection and mouth protection, but also the accessories that can be practical in this context, such as dispensers for practical storage of these cleanroom garments and cleanroom gloves. Miclev offers both sterile cleanroom garments and cleanroom gloves for single use and non-sterile cleanroom garments and cleanroom gloves for multiple use. What you choose depends on, among other things, in which cleanroom class the garments and gloves are to be used.

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