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Sterile Cleanroom Gloves

Sterile Gloves & Cleanroom Gloves with high safety

Cleanroom gloves have an important function in protecting both the wearer and the environment. In cleanrooms, extra high demands are placed on the sterile gloves. Cleanroom gloves must be durable and have low particle emissions. If you are to work aseptically, the cleanroom gloves also need to be sterile. It is best if the cleanroom gloves can be worn for a long time before they need to be replaced. Miclev has sterile gloves that are suitable for several applications in different types of cleanrooms where you work with sensitive equipment. Miclev has cleanroom gloves that are excellently to use in, for example, the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medical technology products, microelectronics, semiconductors and optics.

High Demands on Sterile Gloves

Low particle emissions is important in a cleanroom. It is therefore important to have sterile gloves with a known low particle emission in cleanrooms. The sterile gloves must also meet other requirements, such as e.g. protect the wearer against chemicals and protect the environment from the wearer. Certified sterile gloves that are tested according to relevant standards are therefore important to use. Different tests are of different importance to different industries and companies. In the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. tests made to measure the penetration time of various chemicals, resistance to penetration by dangerous chemicals and microorganisms and how well they protect against viruses and microorganisms are of importance. It is also important to have sterile cleanroom gloves during aseptic manufacturing. If cleanroom gloves are to be used in the electronics industry, it is important that the glove is statically dissipative. We have cleanroom gloves that are tested according to several different ISO standards to meet your needs, regardless of whether you need sterile or non-sterile gloves.

In cleanrooms, you may have to work for a long time before you can change your sterile gloves. Durable sterile gloves with known composition are therefore important to reduce the risk of allergies. In sterile manufacturing, you want to have control over particles, microorganisms and endotoxins. It is therefore important to have sterile gloves that in themselves add few particles and that are packaged in a way to be easily sluiced into the sterile environment without unnecessary spreading of particles and microorganisms. Cleanroom gloves must also have a good fit and feel good to the wearer. Miclev therefore has several models of sterile gloves in different thicknesses and sizes. Certificates of analysis are available for the cleanroom gloves.

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