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Excelsior Dry Heat Chemical Indicators

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Plain Dot CPIs Blue to Black Plain 12.7mm circles <=180° C (Dry Heat)

Excelsior Dry Heat Chemical Process Indicators (CPIs) are designed to signal, through a transition in colour, when exposed to high temperatures such as dry heat sterilisation or depyrogenation processes.

The CPIs will transition from the initial to the signal colour depending on the temperature and length of exposure (see chart to the right). The CPIs are manufactured to meet the requirements of Excelsior’s manufacturing partner’s Quality System and where applicable have been validated per the standard depyrogenation cycles outlined in USP. Depyrogenation CPIs are not intended to verify sterility or endotoxin levels, but rather to indicate exposure to high temperature processes.

Excelsior CPIs are labelled with 24 months of shelf life at room temperature storage (23 ± 7˚C). The shelf life is based on the date the indicating ink is applied to the substrate. Product may have a shelf life of less than 24 months at the time of purchase.

Exposed indicators are stable and will remain the signal colour when stored under labelled conditions. Each roll is packaged individually and is accompanied by a certificate of conformance. Each lot of CPIs is tested to ensure the products’ quality, consistency and compliance to Excelsior’s label claims.

Excelsior high temperature CPIs are non-odorous and nonhazardous to use. The printed labels are safe to dispose in general waste receptacles. No MSDS required per CFR 1910.1200.

Product Type: Plain 1/2” (12.7mm) circles
Temp: ≤ 180˚C
Number of CPIs / Roll: 5,000

Dry Heat CI Strips Class 4, 250/box

Excelsior Chemical Process Indicator Strips are suitable for application of various types of sterilisation including steam, dry Heat, Hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide & formaldehyde.

The strip indicator colour demonstrates at a glance whether or not the product has gone through the sterilisation process, making it easy for sterilisation facilities to ensure that products have been exposed correctly to the sterilisation process. Strips transition an initial colour to a different signal colour depending on the process type.

Dry Heat Strip.
Requires exposure for 40 mins at 160˚c or 60mins at 155˚c.
Transitions from orange to brown.
Box of 250.

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